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Surveyors in Luberon Provence and in Montpellier, Southern France
Hello !
and welcome on the website of the Professional Civil Company of associated surveyors Vincent Dupin and Jean-Pierre Richaud, successors and holders of the files of Messrs Robert FABRE and Roger AMIEL. [a special tribute to them, first surveyors in the history of southern Luberon]
The surveyor is the only interlocutor qualified in multiple fields, he has true legal and technical competence - his advice is often beneficial - then do not hesitate to question us by phone or email!         
Vincent Dupin in Cadenet and Jean-Pierre Richaud in Pertuis

What is a surveyor?

point The surveyor is a professional who has both technical and juridical formation.
He has in France the power to draw up plans and topographic documents which can separate plans properties. Only him is qualified to fix the limits between the contiguous lands or to divide the parcels or plots.

point The practise of Surveyor is regulated. The whole profession is protected by an Act of May 7, 1946 about rules and professional duties.

point The surveyor is a qualified professional, he has to :
- be a graduated ingineer
- or to be a surveyor graduated by the government (dplg)
- He has to be a member of the Association of Surveyors.
- He is in possession of a professional card.

when you need an expert surveyor

point You buy, sell or have a land
    Do you know the limits of your property?
property documents and cadastral survey always do not offer sufficient guarantees and are overall imprecise.
- property titles seldom guarantee the surface and the limits of the land.
- fences, hedges, banks, pathes, ditches are materially apparent limits.
- cadastral documents are administrative documents mapped out for fiscal reasons and lacking legal authenticity.
"Le cadastre, document principalement à usage fiscal, ne confère pas un droit de propriété et les énonciations qu'il procure aux usagers constituent pour eux de simples renseignements qu'il leur appartient de vérifier s'ils entendent en faire un élément essentiel de leur décision dans une transaction (Direction Générale des Impôts, 30 août 1974)" 
    The surveyor is the only professional qualified to create irrevocabilly land demarcation (the demarcation fixes the limits of the land with material marks).
" every owner can oblige his neighbour to realise the demarcation of their contiguous property (Code Civil : article 646)"
boundary marking is workable friendly, with several stages:
- contradictory meeting,
- researching limits,
- laying marks,
- drawing up statement
- detailed plan.
   marking defines legally property limits.
   do inform yourselves of duties and town planning rules.
some duties limiting possibilities of building or improving your land.
Your land is perhaps subjected to specific town planning rules.
point You divide a land into several plots
 You must appoint one surveyor to fix definive limits of your land.
the surveyor Will help you to choose the appropriate cutting according to the existing constraints, access road, possibility of connection to the existing drains (if building projects are planned) or of town planning rules.
point You are in conflict with your neighbours 
   Your neighbour creates a window with direct overview on your property,
he refuses to maintain the party wall between your properties, he disputes the establishment of a fence, he wants to heighten his house, etc. About all these questions, and a lot of others, it is sometimes quite difficult to know precisely which are your rights, nor if your neighbour exceeds his own.
   the surveyor can inform you about your rights.
point You sell or want to buy a batch of co-ownership
The purchaser can request from the salesman a partial restitution of the paid price when the surface area of the acquired real estate is lower of more than 5% of the declared surface area (loi du 18 décembre 1996, dite "Carrez")
   you must indicate the surface area of your real estate on the preliminary contract and on the sale contract.
   It is thus recomanded to take ths measures of your real estate, before its setting on sale, by an authorized professional who engages his responsability